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Our SwimMill™ is an easy to use comfortable harness that fits around your waist and locks on to the side of a pool, holding you in place allowing you to swim continuously without ever hitting the wall or needing to stop and turn around. Turning any body of water into a swimming treadmill. No longer do you need a long lap pool, simply attach a SwimMill™ and turn a small pool into an ocean.

The Benefits of Swimming are well known and well documented. And no other physical exercise provides such a wonderful workout for the body without placing any stress on the joints, bones and body as a whole. But for years swimming has been expensive and inconvenient - until now.

With our easy-to-use swimming treadmill, you can swim in place and exercise in the water regardless of the size pool you have.
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Our swimmer's treadmill allows you to swim in place virtually any where. You can easily take it with you and use it at community pool, hotel pool, friend's pool or where ever the opportunity presents itself. Easily exercise in the water with our easy SwimMill and turn the smallest pool into the longest lap pool possible.
Medium Fits a Waist Size from 27-42
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Looking for a Portable Pool? Go to our portable pool website www.4ezpools.com, you will find over 50 different portable pool packages. EZ Pools specializes in providing made to order, quality American made portable swimming pools. So if you are looking for a lap pool, a therapy pool, an event pool or a custom-made portable pool - then be sure to check out our website 4ezpools.com. Our call us toll-free at (855) 4EZ POOLS.
More Information about Our EZ SwimMill™

Aquatic Fitness: In recent years, more and more physical therapists and doctors have recognized the valuable healing qualities of aquatic fitness. Every fitness exercise is more effective and more beneficial to the recipient when it is done in water. Swimming is recognized as one of the leading aquatic fitness exercises. Our SwimMill™ is the least expensive and easiest way to take advantage of swimming. Click here to learn more about Aquatic Fitness with an EZ SwimMill >>

Swim in Place: The EZ SwimMill is the very best way to swim in place. There are far more expensive alternatives, but our SwimMill allows you to swim in place without any electrical needs, with it costing you anything to run and without interfering with any of your swimming strokes. The other simplistic genius aspect of our SwimMill is that when you do swim in place, you can alter your speed and stroke without stopping. Virtually all other swim in place devices require you to stop to adjust the speed and tempo. This makes our SwimMill more like regular swimming than any other swim in place device. Click here to learn more about Swimming in Place with an EZ SwimMill >>

Swimming Training: One of the many obstacles professional swimmers (and would-be professional swimmers) run into, is finding access to a swimming pool long enough for effective swimming training. With an EZ SwimMill, a swimmer can take with them where ever they go and use it in a very small space. Think about it, how many times have you tried to benefit from swimming training only to have some other swimmer jump right into your lane? With our SwimMill you can make swimming training easier and more portable. Click here to learn more about Swimming Training with an EZ SwimMill >>

Versus Other Tethers: It is true that there are a lot of other swimming tethers. But by far, most of them are more expensive and not as easy to use as an EZ SwimMill - that why we call it “EZ”. Click here to learn more about the EZ SwimMill Versus Other Tethers >>